HitFix's Television Critics' Poll

Welcome to HitFix’s Fourth Annual Television Critics’ Poll. This year, we asked critics to put together lists of their top 10 television shows of 2015 and their top 10 new shows of the year. We gave 10 points to the number one show on each list, nine to the number two show, eight to the number three, etc. The overall lists were determined by the cumulative point total for each show. Enjoy, and see how your own choices match those of the critics.

Top Television Shows of 2015

Mr. Robot
Mr. Robot
104 points

Elliot is a young programmer who works as a security engineer during the day. At night, however, he is a brilliant hacker. When he is approached by a group of hackers, Elliot is forced to make a choice between what he does during the day and what he has been doing at night.