Recap: 'American Idol' Season 14 - Top 12 Boys Perform

Voting begins tonight, as the Top 24 Round kicks off
<p>Adam Ezegelian</p>

Adam Ezegelian

Credit: FOX

The auditions are over.

Hollywood Week is over. 

Finally we get to start voting on "American Idol," or at least you get to start voting if you happen to vote on "American Idol."

And for me, that means a transition to a live-blog, even if the shows currently aren't ACTUALLY live, since there's no way the "Idol" production is prepared to do 12 performances in an hour-long live show.

But anyway... Follow along and comment below.

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Interview: 'Amazing Race' host Phil Keoghan on adding blind dating to The Race

Season 26 of the Emmy-winning series mixes things up and Phil explains why that's OK
<p>Phil Keoghan of &quot;The Amazing Race&quot;</p>

Phil Keoghan of "The Amazing Race"

Credit: CBS

I didn't mean to make "The Amazing Race" host Phil Keoghan self-conscious, but I also couldn't help but notice that one of his first words at the Season 26 Starting Line was to ask the assembled teams, "Did anybody get like a tingly feeling?"

And that seemed liked a very different thing for Phil Keoghan to say at the start of an "Amazing Race" season.

This is, of course, an "Amazing Race" season like none that has come before. This season's 11 teams include six established couples in various stages of relationships, but also five teams of 10 singles paired around semi-arbitrary criteria, turning the Emmy-winning series into half of a very ambitious dating show.

So I mentioned the "tingly feeling" line to Phil in our discussion and that made him a bit self-conscious about tingly feelings. 


"The Amazing Race" premieres on Wednesday (February 25) night at 9:30 after the "Survivor" premiere (before returning to Fridays two days later) and it feels entirely recognizable as "The Amazing Race," with poor Detour choices, stupid transportation mistakes and desperate searches for English-speakers in a foreign land. But there's no doubt that the blind dating aspect of things produces some entirely new dynamics to the action and leads to some unpredictable results. It's way too early to know if that'll be good or bad for the season, but it's different.

In our latest conversation -- I like to note that Phil disagrees amiably with almost everything I ever suggest -- the veteran host talks about that difference and why the show is still the same. He discusses whether this season's challenges were tailored to the relationship twist and whether he went along on the newly added Date Night Rewards.

Click through for the full Q&A with Phil Keoghan to see if you get a tingly feeling about the new season.

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Why you should be watching 'King of the Nerds'

TBS' competition is nonstop fun
Why you should be watching 'King of the Nerds'
Credit: TBS

The competition between nerds is now in its third season, and you should be tuning in every Friday. Why?

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Recap: 'American Idol' Season 14 - 'Showcase #2' - Completing the Top 24

Trevor Douglas and other 'Idol' hopefuls learn their fates
<p>Trevor Douglas of &quot;American Idol&quot;</p>

Trevor Douglas of "American Idol"

Credit: FOX

We're back!

Last night, "American Idol" filled half of its Season 14 Top 24, leaving another 12 House of Blues performances to hint at, another 12 Green Mile walks to tease and probably several more moments of awkwardness that hopefully won't be as bad as what went down last night with Maddie Walker and Rachel Hallack

Be decisive "Idol" judges! And don't dick little kids around.

And now... Thursday's (February 19) episode...

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Recap: 'The Celebrity Apprentice' crowns a winner

Trump chooses a winner, but since it's for charity, everyone wins!
<p>Donald Trump</p>

Donald Trump

Credit: NBC

After two TV personalities created ads for Universal Orlando and paid their "Celebrity Apprentice" dues by praising Donald Trump, he awarded one of them $250,000 for their charity.

That money is about the only thing that matters on "Celebrity Apprentice" finales, which are the worst part of a show that draws so much entertainment from celebrities being tested by high-pressure, quasi-business challenges. Since the decision is up to Donald Trump, it's always been like flipping a coin into a shredder: decisive but pointless.

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Interview: 'The Jinx' director Andrew Jarecki on the origins of his HBO series

How did the 'All Good Things' filmmaker come to be on-camera in 'The Jinx'?
<p>Robert Durst of &quot;The Jinx&quot;</p>

Robert Durst of "The Jinx"

Credit: HBO

Hopefully you checked out last Sunday's premiere of HBO's "The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst," which I gave an A- review and said had the potential to be the year's best new show.

Director Andrew Jarecki's second attempt at unraveling the mysteries surrounding Robert Durst, including the three murders he's been linked to over 30 years, began as a slow-burn building to the revelation that, after seeing Jarecki's "All Good Things," Durst agreed to sit down with the filmmaker. 

This Sunday's episode relies heavily on Durst's recounting of his own biographical details, but also gradually shifts that focus to the "character" of Durst's wife Kathleen McCormack, missing since 1982. Even in her absence, Kathleen McCormack looms almost as large as Durst and, in an important role, Jarecki himself.

I got on the phone earlier this week with "Capturing the Friedmans" director Jarecki to talk about the structure and narrative direction of "The Jinx," including how much closure will actually be possible after six episodes.

It turns out that the journey of "The Jinx" and its evolution out of "All Good Things," is mighty complicated stuff and the explanation for the doc-to-narrative-to-interview-to-doc-to-series voyage took up roughly a third of our interview time. 

Jarecki still had lots of interesting things to say about McCormack's family's involvement, how he decided to make himself a part of the series and more, even if I didn't get to more than a few questions from my list. 

I'll just have to talk to Jarecki again after the "Jinx" finale.

Click through for the full conversation.

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Recap: 'American Idol' Season 14 - 'Hollywood Week #4' - Top 48 Revealed

The judges make more cuts as the field begins to take shape
<p>Rayvon of &quot;American Idol</p>

Rayvon of "American Idol

Credit: FOX

After spinning wheels with two straight Group Round episodes in which almost nothing happened, "American Idol" may start making some tough cuts tonight. 

FOX is promising that we're gonna get down to the Top 48 tonight, which still leaves many cuts to come, but at least things will begin to take shape for the season. 

Follow along as we get to trimming...

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Our favorite reality TV showmances - Romber, Brenchel and more

True love or TV contrivance? We list some of our favorite reality TV couples
Our favorite reality TV showmances - Romber, Brenchel and more

For all of its failures to produce lasting love (we're looking at you, "The Bachelor"), reality TV does consistently deliver satisfying and entertaining relationships. They are known as the showmance.

Like actual love, showmances are complicated. The word suggests situational relationships, ones that are confined to the show. Perhaps two people came together because of their limited options among their castmates, or perhaps they are using each other to get further in a game.

They can be platonic or comic, strategic or serious. Some are entirely fictional, crafted by editors and fueled by viewers' fantasies; others blossom without any help at all. Very few of them last, but some actually do result in long-term, successful relationships.

Even if they don't last, all of these showmances have found a special place in our hearts.

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Recap: 'Top Chef: Boston' crowns a winner in Mexico

The winner cooked the best dessert Tom Collichio ever ate
<p>Tom and Padma</p>

Tom and Padma

Credit: Bravo

In the final part of its three-part finale, "Top Chef Boston" came down to the two most winning chefs: Gregory and Mei. Prior to the finale, Mei won or was in the top eight out of 12 challenges. Gregory won or was among the best seven out of 12 times.

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Recap: 'American Idol' Season 14 - 'Hollywood Week #3' - Group Round Continued

Group performances continue and more cuts are made
<p>&quot;American Idol&quot;</p>

"American Idol"

Credit: FOX

When last we left "American Idol," they'd cut a bunch of people from Hollywood Week, albeit nobody we'd been made to care about in the slightest. 

And as last Thursday's episode ended, Alexis Granville was clinging to life. Or, at the very least, Alexis Granville was having a panic attack. 

What comes next? 

Follow along with my recap of Wednesday's (February 11) episode...

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