Get Leonardo DiCaprio that Oscar in this addictive, insane game

You won't ruin this for him, Bryan Cranston.
Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio wants two things: 1) the Oscar, 2) for no one else to win the Oscar. In the unbelievable new game Leo's Red Carpet Rampage, you can help the Revenant star defeat evil foes like Eddie Redmayne and Michael Fassbender, jump over obstacles like Lady Gaga, and earn that trophy through cold, hard acting. 

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Why Vanity 6's 'Nasty Girl' was and is important

I'm the kind of girl who'll do it anywhere.
Vanity 6

Thanks to a heartfelt post from legendary drummer and fellow Prince associate Sheila E., we learned that Vanity, a.k.a. Denise Matthews, died at age 57 on Monday after a battle with sclerosis encapsulating peritonitis, a complex form of a kidney disease. 

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Saturday Night Live Review: Melissa McCarthy Hosts

Saturday Night Live Review: Melissa McCarthy Hosts
Credit: NBC

Our host tonight is Melissa McCarthy, who allegedly burst onto the scene in 2011’s Bridesmaids, but anyone who tells you that doesn’t know about Sookie from Gilmore Girls and thus probably shouldn’t be trusted. Since Bridesmaids, McCarthy has been a consistent force in the American comedy scene, largely due to her collaborations with director Paul Feig on The Heat, Spy, and the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot with SNL’s own Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, and Kristen Wiig. This is her fourth time hosting in the last five years, clearly marking her as a favorite among the cast and crew, and it isn’t hard to see why-- she tends to turn out memorable characters and her extensive background in sketch comedy lends an air of professionalism and an ability to stay on her toes.

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Here are a bunch of times the Grammys mattered

Based on the ceremony alone, the Grammys tend to matter more than any other televised award show.
Jennifer Hudson

The Grammys are this Monday. Here are times they ruled. 

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The new 'Veep' trailer contains Selina's most disgusting comment yet


The last season of HBO's Veep, which took home the Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series, ended on a cliffhanger involving an unprecedented moment for the Electoral College. This season we'll see whether Selina Meyer has a future in the White House. but first: Here's Selina describing her tired eyelids in a way that will gross you out. 

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Meryl Streep's long history of messing up

We look back at the 19-time Oscar nominee's most notorious gaffes.
Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep is one of our greatest living actors, but is she flawless? Apparently not, given today's hubbub over a comment she made while discussing her position as jury president of the Berlinale film festival. Here are our other favorite Meryl gaffes. 

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Why are Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston, and Kate Hudson doing this to us?

Jennifer Aniston

I know we're not supposed to expect anything from Mother's Day, Garry Marshall's followup to Valentine's Day and New Year's Day. I know this even though it stars Julia Roberts, who is arguably the last great movie star, Jennifer Aniston, who gave arguably one of the most endearing and hilarious TV performance of all time, and Kate Hudson, who arguably gave us so much hope in Almost Famous.

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Is Melissa McCarthy the best recurring 'SNL' host?

Melissa McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy is hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend. This puts me at ease. I think we can confirm that more than any other recurring host, the Spy star commits to ridiculous characters, crafts great moments, and brings a level of shameless audacity that no other performer can touch. The singular weirdness of her characters and their baffling universality is 

Look, here she is previewing this week's hosting gig by singing the famous Kanye West jam "Butterscotch Man."

Perhaps her most famous sketch character was Arlene the Office Flirt, a ravenous bandit in a swivel chair who threw herself at Jason Sudeikis and made lewd comments about balloons. It is somehow grosser than I remembered.

While "unsettling" is a key characteristic of many McCarthy renderings, it is particularly awesome to see her irk a wine-guzzling women's group with her grim weirdness. The line about yogurt is hilarious (as is the Jennifer Hudson cameo). 

People who eat other people's spare pizza are, indeed, heroes, so please respect Barb's entrepreneurial wisdom here. What is that voice? I respect it. 

Tell me if my otherwise flawless pop culture memory is failing me: Besides Sue Sylvester on Glee and Betty Buckley's character in Carrie, we've not had many memorable lady coaches. Well, finally we have a third one. The wardrobe alone is flawless and the brick-throwing is essential. Here's hoping her fourth hosting appearance is as audacious and downright hilarious as her last three outings. 

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Should you tell a woman she's sexy online?

Should you tell a woman she's sexy online?
Credit: Miri Jediekin

The online comment community and social media have raised all kinds of questions about the new social norms. 

Here, Miri Jedeikin, Alicia Malone, and Roth Cornet answer a viewer who wonders if it's appropriate to both appreciate their work and mention their sexual appeal.

Take a look in the player above and the full show below where we chat about the Leslie Mann/Dakota Johnson interview that went viral and more!

Miri: @MiriTheJedi

Roth: @RothCornet

Alicia: @AliciaMalone

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Lost 'Mrs. Doubtfire' scenes prove it is Robin Williams' most emotional movie

That movie about Robin Williams dancing to "Dude Looks Like a Lady" was secretly brutal.
Mrs Doubtfire

I tend to remember the 1993 comedy Mrs. Doubtfire thanks to its flashy trailers, which included Robin Williams vacuuming saucily in schoolmarm drag while "Dude Looks Like a Lady" played. Though he was disguising himself as a woman in order to hang out with his kids amid a bad divorce, I tend to look back on the movie's slapstick moments most of all.

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