Honest Trailers pay homage to David Bowie with their take on 'Labyrinth'

All hail the Goblin King!
Honest Trailers - Labyrinth

After David Bowie passed away, Honest Trailers was hit hard with requests to pay tribute to the pop culture icon’s cult classic, “Labyrinth.” Never ones to shy away from pleasing their fans, Screen Junkies got right on it.

But how does a YouTube account known for taking movies down a peg create a trailer for 1980s sacred cow? Very, very carefully.

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‘Star Wars’: Oh wait, Stormtroopers make no sense…

‘Star Wars’: Oh wait, Stormtroopers make no sense…
Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm

Ever wonder what someone who never saw a “Star Wars” movie might think of “The Force Awakens”?

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Happy 70th to Dolly Parton, the most approachable of unapproachable superstars

Pour yourself a cup of ambition and come to life with Dolly.
Dolly Parton

Happy 70th birthday to that life-affirming, effervescent, and consummate pro Dolly Parton. The legendary songstress' career is astonishing on every level, and the woman herself seems to treat her success as a wild and hilarious lark that she never, ever takes for granted.

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9-year-old Jacob Tremblay's Critics' Choice speech is peak adorable

And he even had a lightsaber battle with Oscar Isaac. Really.
Jacob Tremblay

Room is a disturbing and engrossing movie about a woman (Brie Larson) taken prisoner for years who eventually gives birth to a son (Jacob Tremblay) in captivity. It's fair to call Tremblay's performance as her scrappy, intelligent son one of the greatest child performances we've ever seen on the silver screen, and the Critics' Choice Awards granted him their trophy for Best Young Performer this weekend. When you watch his acceptance speech, you'll see why it's tragic he's not nominated for an Oscar.

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'90s kids unite: Someone once barfed on 'Legends of the Hidden Temple'

Legends of the Hidden Temple

Legends of the Hidden Temple was a fascinating and archaeologically dubious Nickelodeon game show from the 1990s. Host Kirk Fogg led teams of contestants in a series of games that culminated with a puzzle hunt through a gigantic "temple," which was ostensibly an obstacle course with rooms themed like ancient palace ruins. The host just revealed something in a new interview: The pressure once scared a contestant into vomiting on camera.

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5 myths that prevented 'Carol' from getting a Best Picture nomination

"Carol" is the highest-rated movie of the year. Why didn't it land a Best Picture nod?

I thought I'd be over Carol's Best Picture snub by now. The Best Actress nominations were so stunning that I figured I'd pile all my hopes there. But no. 

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The moment millennials fell in love with Alan Rickman

Alan Rickman

The great Alan Rickman, who died at age 39 after a short battle with cancer, has had unforgettable roles in Die Hard, Sense and Sensibility, Truly Madly Deeply, and the Harry Potter series. But I'd argue that millennials first became obsessed with him after watching one of his under-discussed roles of the late '90s.


The role is Metatron, and the movie is Dogma. I saw Dogma at age 13, and that's exactly the age when many millennials discovered the droll, sinister, but undeniably bad-ass screen presence of Alan Rickman. As one of God's spokespeople in the Catholicism-spoofing comedy, he's both downtrodden and wryly cool. You trusted him as a voice of reason in a movie that dared to throw an actual shit monster at you. Dogma is also irreverent and playfully philosophical in a way that appeals specifically to, say, teens who are learning to defy their parents' staid beliefs for the first time. 

Alan Rickman was always a perfectly mysterious ensemble actor, and here his withering style stood out among bombastic performances from Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Chris Rock, Jason Lee, and Salma Hayek. Only Alanis Morissette was more enigmatic as God herself, and that was mostly just a bit of ingenious stunt casting. 

RIP to the fabulous and talented actor. 

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Ranking the Oscar nominees in the incredibly competitive Best Actress category

Jennifer Lawrence? Cate Blanchett? We rank the contenders.
Jennifer Lawrence

There are some issues with this morning's Oscar nominees. There isn't a single acting nominee of color (!), one of the worst Bond themes of all time earned a nomination (yep, "The Writing's on the Wall"), and Carol, the #1 rated movie of 2015 according to Metacritic, was spared an Oscar nomination.

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We've got 12 hours to make these long-shot Oscar nominations happen

Give us Lady Gaga, Kristen Stewart, and our dignity.
Lady Gaga

In about 12 hours, the Oscar nominations will be up and riveting us all. In this edition of THE SNAP, we name some serious last-minute pleas. Come on, Kristen Stewart!

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The antigay GOP used my 'Jeopardy!' snap on their homepage: What is irony?

Can you believe it? The gay guy who snapped on "Jeopardy!" doesn't appreciate the GOP appropriating his image.
Louis Virtel on Jeopardy!

Last year I was on Jeopardy! and I got a Daily Double about Arthur Miller right. Here is footage of that moment.

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