Review: At the trade deadline, 'Pitch' has this obvious area for improvement

'Alfonzo Guzman-Chavez' highlights one of the show's bigger flaws


Credit: FOX

A few thoughts on tonight's Pitch — but really on a few problems the show could very much stand to improve — coming up just as soon as I tell you that J-Lo was one of the Fly Girls on In Living Color...

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Review: On 'The Good Place,' Eleanor tries to avoid going to The Bad Place

A familiar guest star livens up Michael's investigation in 'Most Improved Player'
<p>The Good Place</p>

The Good Place

Credit: NBC

A review of tonight's The Good Place coming up just as soon as I ask if you're going to give me another cactus...

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Charlie Brown should probably watch 'A Stranger Things' Christmas' to get some perspective

Good grief.
Charlie Brown should probably watch 'A Stranger Things' Christmas' to get some perspective
Credit: Leigh Lahav

The fever for Netflix's Stranger Things has abated for the time being, as have the many wonderful and entertaining parodies, but this new Charlie Brown/Peanuts take may just restart the engine. Did I mention it's Christmas themed?

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The Exorcist Mid-season Review

The Exorcist Mid-season Review


Clarke Wolfe is back! And this week she talking all things spooky (surprised?). Clarke breaks down the good and bad of the mid-season episode of The Exorcist

Caution! Spoilers litter this entire video, so if you're not caught up, then come back and watch at a later date.

So Fans what do you all think of the episode five reveal? Will you continue watching? Let us know in the comments below!

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Review: In the final 'Rectify' premiere, Daniel goes it alone in 'A House Divided'

The last season begins without the entire supporting cast


Credit: Sundance

The great Rectify has returned for its final season. I published overall thoughts on the early episodes yesterday, and I have a review of the season premiere coming up just as soon as I don't feel too good about having been in a sorority...

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Review: 'You're the Worst' gives Vernon and Paul a questionable spotlight

A less successful experiment than some of the show's other off-format episodes
<p>you&#39;re the worst</p>

you're the worst

Credit: FXX

A review of tonight's You're the Worst coming up just as soon as Uncle Nephew teaches me solar location...

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'Orphan Black' announces new cast for its fifth and final season

Calling all Clones!
'Orphan Black' announces new cast for its fifth and final season
Credit: BBC America

Sadly, Orphan Black's next season will be its last but something tells us Clone Club is going to go out with a big bang. BBC America recently gave fans a sneak peek behind the production and revealed new cast members for Season 5.

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What if there are TWO Dolores (Dolorei?) in ‘Westworld’?

I mean, it makes sense.
Westworld Fan Theory Dolores
Credit: HBO

Four episodes in and Westworld has its hooks in me but good. What could’ve been a straight-forward “robots go on a murderous rampage” horror story is instead a deep psychological look at what makes us human and how a consequence-free world changes the way we interact with the world around us. On top of that is a dollop of growing unease about the never-ending nightmare that his the Hosts’ reality, and the unshakable feeling that there is more to the Delos corporation than a hedonistic Disney World and you get lore so thick you cut it with a knife.

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Review: On 'Atlanta,' Earn and Van celebrate a ridiculous 'Juneteenth'

Another great episode in a debut season full of them


Credit: FX

A quick review of tonight's Atlanta coming up just as soon as I feel like I'm in a Spike Lee-directed Eyes Wide Shut...

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Review: 'This Is Us' both scores and fumbles with 'The Game Plan'

The origin of the family's Steelers obsession is revealed
<p>This Is Us</p>

This Is Us

Credit: NBC

A review of tonight's This Is Us coming up just as soon as I'm a wise old owl in a Pixar movie...

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